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Hodson Trust Scholarship

Merit Based Scholarship | Scholarship Provided by : The Hodson Trust

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The Hodson Trust Scholarships are merit based scholarships provided by the Hodson Trust. Twenty scholarships are offered yearly. Students interested in Humanities and Science at the undergraduate level at Johns Hopkins University can apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship application closes on November 15, 2016

Scholarship provided type Trust

Number of scholarships offered 20 per year

Study Level Undergraduate

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The scholarship is applicable to students from all international countries for studies in United States of America. Scholarships of up to $28500 per year are awarded to students. The scholarship is awarded to fewer than 20 students yearly by the Hodson Trust. It is applicable to all undergraduate students.


Eligibility Criteria

All students are eligible to apply irrespective of their gender. This scholarship is applicable to:

  • All international students
  • The students who have superior academic achievement in a challenging programme, the highest test scores, and leadership in school and/or community, state, regional, or national activities
  • The students who maintain minimum 3.0 GPA.


Application Process

To apply for the Johns Hopkins University International Scholarship, students should complete the College Scholarship Service Profile at In addition, they need to submit a copy of their parents' federal tax return from their home country. Any student who cannot complete the College Scholarship Service Profile form has to contact the Office of Student Financial Services by email to, and explain why they cannot complete the application or to request a paper application alternative. International students have to submit two additional components along with the application:

  • International Student Certification of Finances form including the bank verification. All international applicants are required to submit this form with their application
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) requirement


The Certification of Finances Form is a required Admissions form, not a financial aid form. This form should be completed by all international students (even those living in the United States) and should be returned to the Admissions Office. For questions about completing this form, students should contact the Admissions Office. The form is available on the Admissions website. Or students can procure it from 

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