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Distance MBA (Masters of Business Administration) program is imparted over long distance with the help of modern technology and communication facilities. It is designed for individuals seeking to pursue higher education alongside their job. However, graduates too can take up the program. Distance MBA programs are ideal for working individuals or students who, for various reasons, cannot join the formal education system.

Correspondence MBA is the traditional form of providing distance learning which involves sending the study material prepared by the college/institute to a candidate through post. It depends completely upon self-study. Correspondence MBA program is quite similar to Distance MBA but it does not offer class room assistance. The objective of correspondence MBA is to make it cost effective and exclude the hassles of classroom learning. 

The duration for both distance and correspondence MBA is two years, though it may vary from institute to institute.

Fees for Distance/ Correspondence MBA courses are less than regular MBA programs. Every B-school has its own fee structure. Program fee ranges anywhere from Rs 50,000 upto Rs 10 lakh

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